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EFS attempts to keep in regular contact with our employers and positions are normally on the Job List for 30 days.  When you receive a referral and contact an employer, if the position is no longer available, please contact EFS.  For your convenience, the jobs listed below are shown with the most recent at the top of the list, down to the oldest positions at the end.  This allows you to immediately see any new postings since the last time you viewed this site.

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JobIDCategoryPositionJob Type
9391(FACILITY) Maintenance/Janitorial/Groundskeeper/Skilled TradesGeneral Cleaners/Shift Supervisors/FloatersHours not specified.
9390(HPTY) Hospitality/Food Service/Housekeeping/HotelHealth Care ServersHours not specified.
9389(ADMIN) Administrative/Office Support (non-supervisory)Claims Clerical Support RepHours not specified.
9388(DRIV) Driver/Courier/Parking/ValetDelivery DriverFulltime Hours
9387(IT) Programmer/Developer/Systems/Help DeskApplication DeveloperFulltime Hours
9386(PROF) Professional/Management/Executive/Mid-LevelCoordinator of Donor RelationsFulltime Hours
9385(CUST) Customer Service/Call Center/TelemarketingLeasing CoordinatorParttime hours
9384(SALES) Sales/Retail/StoreAccount Executive - Media SalesFulltime Hours
9383(DRIV) Driver/Courier/Parking/ValetCatering Delivery AssociateParttime hours
9382(FACILITY) Maintenance/Janitorial/Groundskeeper/Skilled Trades2 job openings - Machinist and WelderParttime hours
9381(DRIV) Driver/Courier/Parking/ValetTransportation SpecialistParttime hours
9379(ADMIN) Administrative/Office Support (non-supervisory)Scheduling CoordinatorFulltime Hours
9378(HPTY) Hospitality/Food Service/Housekeeping/HotelGallery Host/Front DeskFulltime Hours
9377(DRIV) Driver/Courier/Parking/ValetGuest Service Attendant/Parking Valet Parttime hours
9376(CUST) Customer Service/Call Center/TelemarketingCustomer Service RepresentativeFulltime Hours
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