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Job ID: 10486
Title: Kennel Tech
Hours Desired: Hours not specified.
Work Hours: 3PM - 9PM five or six days/week
Hours/Wk: 30 - 40 hours/week 
Pay: $10.00/hour, add'l w/skills, experience
Description: • Afternoon & evening kennel work. • Clean cages, sanitize, feed, water, give medication, work with customers, answer phones, etc. • Cleaning, maintenance, lawn care, and others skills could be utilized.
Requirements: • Ability to handle dogs large and small. • Ability to bend down to get into cages to clean. • Ability to work with customers on the phone and in person. • Ability to work with the kennel computer system. • Ability to work well with staff and management. • Must be honest, hard working, able to work independently, and reliable.
Benefits: If checked below,
job is on busline
Location: New Albany OH 43054
Employment for Seniors is a non-profit organization serving individuals in the
Central Ohio Area who are 50 years of age and older.
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